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SOFIA, BULGARIA – DivaCare, a global health company bringing together the best minds in rehab and cancer medicine, physical therapy and telerehabilitation technology was one of five socially responsible companies selected to receive the coveted CEED (Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development) CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) award. The award recognizes projects that exemplify CEED’s mission and principles of upholding sustainability and social responsibility as a defining component. This independent sustainability awards program is judged by members of the academic, entrepreneurial and investment communities.

DivaCare is an application that starts with a foundation of a “companion” for the post-op patient that needs care and support. It takes the wisdom of the treating therapist and puts it into the hands of the patient and supports women along the entire spectrum of their breast cancer treatment. The service is based on personal experience and recognizes the emotional, physical and social impact of this disease, and how difficult it can be to find answers about daily life routines while undergoing cancer treatments. DivaCare aims to be the source for women to regain as much control of their lives as possible. It strives to empower women undergoing breast cancer treatment by championing rehabilitation, providing information about possible complications and their treatments and developing support networks in the recovery community.

The CEED CSR award acknowledges the outstanding determination needed to overcome breast cancer and shines a light on the need to help women through their breast cancer journey in ways that may profoundly impact their physical and emotional well-being.

The award-winning mobile app encapsulates the experiences of the breast cancer patient from diagnosis through surgery and on to successful execution of postoperative treatment plan and rehabilitation. The app enables close collaboration between women, therapists, and doctors.

DivaCare allows for regular sharing of treatment plan and progress with all stakeholders and prompt review of the doctors’ and therapists’ recommendations while assuring that the treatment plan remains on target for the patients’ optimal recovery. As a result of this enriching collaboration, the patient will be able to transition to her home environment and back to her dynamic life with fewer complications and setbacks.

“Every year, over 1.7 million new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed globally, making breast cancer an enormous public health burden”, remarked Carolin Dohle, MD, Rehabilitation Specialist at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in New York and founder of DivaCare, “From our own experience, we understand the profound physical and emotional impact a breast cancer diagnosis carries. Even women who have finished their treatments and are considered cured or in remission may be far from their normal selves and be limited by impaired mobility, pain, and uncertainty about how fast they can return to their everyday activities.

The social implication of an untreated or poorly managed recovery is devastating. The DivaCare mobile app and platform are based on personal experience and helps smooth the way for women from the early diagnosis through recovery, hopefully alleviating fears, leaving them better INFORMED, more EMPOWERED and better CONNECTED to others in the recovery community.”

While many women are initially evaluated by a physical therapist very shortly after their surgery, few of them are aware of the continued role therapy plays in their recovery.

The social responsibility value evolves as DivaCare provides information about preventing and dealing with complications of breast cancer treatments to women whose financial, social and geographical circumstances would make this information unavailable. In fact, many women in the global community have little to no access to a trained physical therapist to explain and work through things like pain or swelling and help guide them on the path back to their former healthy lives. DivaCare helps prevent these roadblocks to recovery as well raise awareness amongst women in recognizing critical points at which they should indeed seek the help of a health care specialist.

About DivaCare, Inc.:

DivaCare is a direct outcome of Dr. Carolin Dohle’s personal experience with breast cancer. Dr. Dohle was working as a doctor specializing in neurological rehabilitation and the mother of a 2-year-old child when she was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in 2015. Upon completion of treatments and considered cured, she still noted significant limitations and pain when using her affected arm, and could not find any information about how to get back to her previous active lifestyle.

After several months, Dr. Dohle found a physical therapist who was able to help her with her issues and is now free from complications. This challenge was the inspiration for the DivaCare breast cancer rehab therapy platform for enhancing patient care while making them better informed, empowered and connected.

From scheduling, remote monitoring and treatment plan documentation to outcomes tracking, data gathering and business reporting, DivaCare is the ideal solution for outpatient therapy organizations, individual therapists, and caregivers of all sizes. Launched in 2015, the company has global offices in Germany, Bulgaria, and New York. You can learn more at

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