When Dr. Carolin Dohle, a young mother with a two and a half year old son at the time, was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in September 2015, she studied her options, met with two surgeons, and decided to have a lumpectomy the following month. While a mastectomy is always accompanied by a radical removal of all lymph nodes in the axilla on the affected side, a lumpectomy is a lot less invasive, however some “sentinel lymph nodes” are also removed.

After her surgery, she was given a booklet, and a link to a video, with some excercises to do, and then she was on her own. After healing, she began lifting weights to regain her strength which ultimately led to her learning she had lymphedema, which often goes undiagnosed.

Dr. Dohle wanted to help other women, and when she shared her story with friends, they decided to establish DivaCare as a non-profit initiative providing a free mobile app designed for young women, mothers, and future mothers who find themselves in similar situations.

DivaCare was born in 2016 with a focused goal to develop, deliver, and enhance a free mobile app women can use to improve their health, wellness, and lives after lumpectomy and lymphedema through safe, guided exercises. The DivaCare team will continually add resources, recommendations for products, and will curate social communities on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter so women can find each other and provide social support and encouragement.



Carolin Dohle, Founder
Frank Fleming, Interlecta Development
Neven Boyanov, Interlecta CTO


Kari Thorstensten, Digital Strategy
Shelby Kyllo, Graphic Design